Make Me Feel Good!

There is no sincere love than the love of food.

George Bernard Shaw

This week was a long one I must say. I had a final, work and I also had my mother’s book signing. OHHHHH COMMERCIAL BREAK☝️


❤️The Other Side of the Story by Daphine Priscilla Brown Jack❤️

A book of Inspiration and determination of a woman and family living in a struggle

150 pages,non-fiction

available at

💃So Were Back…

Continuing about how I had such a long week and one thing that wasn’t put on the back burner. I spent lots of time with a friend of mine that I met in french class. He loves to cook but he eats a strict diet. Sounds crazy but what I enjoy about that is that his clean eating habits doesn’t mean you eat rabbit food all day. My interpretation is that you enjoy the natural untainted elements of food. Of course you think, oh it cost a lot to eat this way but I actually does not. I spent less eating clean then I did eating heavy and fat.

Last couple of weeks I stopped dairy. I wont lie, I’ve had a few things that have had dairy, like Indian food, or this cream sauce that they had in the food at my mom’s book signing and I can’t forget about the few flings I’ve had with butter. However, this week I’ve accomplished one good thing, reading labels. My philosophy is, If i cant make it at home or pick it then I cant eat it. For example, preservation or coloring in the product means Alex isn’t eating that.


Homemade hummas, sardines, and lots of veggies


I been thinking about my weight,health and staying happy. When I eat good food it makes me happy. Eating healthy makes me happy and light. yes at 316 I feel light on my feet. My ankles don’t bother me like before. Now that I am off the prednisone and I’m functioning with out my anti-inflammatory medication, I’ve been happier and stable. So when I eat my food I want it to make me happier. The only thing is that bothers me are my knees but with exercise hopefully they will get better. My poor knees.

But on to another week. My goal is to make money and get fit. So gym bound and I’ll still working both jobs. HAVE TO GET READY FOR FLORIDA!

Stay Positive and Fabulous



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