Gosh I’m Messed UP!!!

Failure will never overtake me if my determination is strong enough

Ong Mandino

Today I literally woke up in the middle of my bed between lazy and motivated. I can honestly tell you when my feet touched the ground I found my self on the wrong side of the bed, the lazy side. Smh… It totally sucked when I feel this way. It makes me feel bad. My goal today was to wake up and take a stroll around the block, eat a healthy breakfast and then relax before work at 2 pm.So today wasn’t my strongest.


So what will I do to change…?

Well first I need to set a goal, my goal is to feel healthy.That sounds stupid but sometimes feeling healthy will get you there.

I am a model now so I have got to start acting like it.  Just being a plus size model holds its own stigma behind it because people thing we sit and eat all day… Then put on clothes. No thats not me, So i need to start acting like it. I’m not on a WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY but a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE JOURNEY. I cant allow my past illness to stop me from living a fullfilling life. So today I’m putting on my determinaton boots and I’m climbing this mountain.

Okay I’m ending my rant today.

I want to help someone else and help myself.

-Alexandria Jack


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